Ostendo Open is a new service offered by The Admin Manager for existing Ostendo users that want to get more from their software. We help users to unlock the power of Ostendo and to maximise their experience.
Here’s how it works…
1) We perform an Ostendo Health Check on your software and report back to you on the following;
A. configuration check
B. account mappings
C. general performance
D. report analysis
2) We provide you with a Ostendo Benchmark report containing what other similar clients are doing with Ostendo to potentially give you ideas as to how you can get more from your system and better improve efficiencies.
3) We discuss your Ostendo experience to date to determine potential areas of improvement – things such as reports you would like to produce, user training and general support requirements. In addition we discuss with you the bookkeeping aspect of your business to ensure that there is a smooth flow from operational to financial/accounting deliverables.
4) We offer you a monthly Ostendo Open Proactive Support Plan to ensure you maximise your experience with Ostendo