If you’ve been a customer of Jobs Plus you may have noticed that you are having trouble lately reaching the company.

This issue of not being able to contact Jobs Plus seems to have been going on for a while and we’d like to offer some alternatives for use of that particular program.

Jobs Plus has been used by companies as a complete job management solution. Companies are able to record the job quote, track all labor costs and then have a final report of the actual profit that came from the job.

If you own a company you know how important it is to keep track of your expenses, accounts, labor costs, material costs and so forth. And that’s why it’s essential to have a program that calculates all of those factors for you to give you an accurate profit overview of the project at hand.


The problem is Jobs Plus contact center is unreachable in the wake of the company going broke and not offering continuing support to the clientele.

Updates to Jobs Plus have not happened since 2010 and have seemed to cease completely. Jobs Plus contacts have not given the opportunity for customers to reach out to them in another way. Basically Jobs Plus has gone out of business and has left customers scrambling with customer service issues, non-working updates and without service.
We’d like to offer you some suggestions for replacing Jobs Plus. An alternative software solution is Ostendo.   Ostendo is business development software that helps you run a cost effective business and offers many of the same features that Jobs Plus once did.

Ostendo works with your current financial tracking platform so you can really integrate it in with your current operations immediately. Ostendo also offer customer support and a wide range of accounting systems that help run a smooth business.
In dealing with business projects and keeping everything straight and prioritized, most companies need less hassle. With Jobs Plus going out of business and leaving customers without contact and support during this transition only causes more headaches.

Our goal is to help give you alternative solutions  during the transition from Jobs Plus to another software.

We understand that it’s essential for Jobs Plus customers to have resources and alternative solutions they can call upon.
If you are looking for an alternative solution to Jobs Plus, check out Ostendo. This allows your projects to run on course, track your inventory and costs and calculate actual profit. All these are essential to a successful business and project management solution.