Jobs Plus clients are unable to get help.

jobs plus alternative

Jobs Plus is a job management solution used to help businesses keep track of everything with features such as Quotes, Purchase Orders, Job management, Invoicing, Payroll and Timesheets among many others. The Jobs Plus website has been operational since 2002 but they seemingly stopped trading in 2010. Phones are disconnected and updates for the software are no longer available and while some reports indicate that the company has moved their support to Manila, clients continue to report lack of assistance and most recently, inability to reach them. It has also been reported that JobsPlus Software has gone “broke”.

We have received numerous calls from concerned JobsPlus Customers who haven’t been able to reach them as far back as February 2015.

The company has not provided any software updates and they are not reachable on their normal telephone numbers. If you are a JobsPlus client experiencing all these problems, call us for assistance. We offer alternative solutions such as software like Ostendo. You do not have to be stressed out by the state of your JobsPlus vendor because our alternatives provide everything you had in the JobsPlus system and more. We have even arranged a Jobs Plus trade in with our software partners for those in a difficult situation to help you move forward.

Using our system your business operation teams will become more efficient through renewed ability to concentrate on the real goals of your business to ensure maximum profits. Ostendo covers multiple industries in all parts of the world to keep all business owners in contact with their valuable customers. We are in perfect position to cater for all JobsPlus clients including those in the industry specific Window Cutting and Costing.

There are many other products that you can take advantage of to cover this unfortunate inaccessibility to JobsPlus.

This will leave you with enough room to focus on growing your empire without wasting time manually handling operations. Those who may be interested in this alternative can give us a call for more information. Our pleasant staffs will gladly help you find another product and you can trust us to provide you with constant updates and support to ensure smooth flow of business operations. You may also fill out a contact form online describing your desires and we will promptly get back to you with the best alternative.