Jobs Plus is a job management solution which allows you to track various activities of a job starting from the quote all the way to the final profit.

Jobs Plus software was made popular due to its efficient features they had including Management reports, Purchase orders, Scheduling, Quotes, Timesheets/Payroll, Jobs and Invoicing. Jobs Plus had two main products and one of them was for window cutting and costing and the other one was for the other industries.

Judging by the information online and feedback from existing Job Plus users  the company seems to be unreachable.

The time of operation of  Jobs Plus, according to the website, is from 2002 to 2010 which indicates they have not been operating since then. There have been a number of speculations concerning Jobs Plus including that they went broke and closed down but one thing that is for sure is that they are not operating. Their customers who have tried contacting them have not received any feedback yet and their numbers are unreachable. A number of customers have complained concerning the lack of help and lack of updates to let them know what is going on.


Ostendo – The New and Effective Alternative

However, there are alternatives that Jobs Plus customers can use. The Ostendo software solution is a great alternative offering the same and more functionality. When the software is plugged in to your current finance software such as Xero or MYOB, it provides deeper and more timely insights into your current business activities, where data is entered once. This is an advantage to business owners since they can be able to make more informed decisions easily and get results faster. The operating software adds value to your accounting system including mobility, distribution, manufacturing, advanced inventory, job costing, dynamic reporting, distribution, preventive maintenance and service.

Advantages of using Ostendo

  1. You can use it together with your current financial system to extend your overall business system.
  2. Your current finance system is off the shelf and standard with multiple assistance channels and access to training people while Ostendo deals with the operational areas of your business.

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