Imagine having all the data you need,
when you need it, to make great decisions
that promote and scale your business success.

Welcome to The Admin Manager

Years in the business

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Do you know what's going on in your business?

You have a dashboard in your car for a reason, all the fundamental information in relation to driving and running your vehicle is there in one place and easily accessible. Can you say the same for your business?

Do you have control?

Do you have control over your business and all of its moving parts? Are you growing? Are you frustrated when things aren’t done the way you want? Do you have known outcomes? Are your processes defined and followed? Do all of your staff follow the same processes each time they perform a task? Is everything within your business systemised?

How efficient are you?

Are your business and admin systems and processes efficient? are you maximizing your resources? are things done more than once? is your software fully integrated or do bespoke systems talk? Are there gaps or holes in your processes?

Do you have a plan?

Someone once said “failing to plan and planning to fail.” Do you have a strategic plan on how your business systems and admin will keep up with your growth and/or business changes? Have to thought ahead or are you waiting for the next problem to arise?
can you see into the future?
Are your admin and systems issues creating a sideshow that’s pulling you away from what you should be doing?

How confident are you in the decisions you make?

You make decisions based on the information you have at hand, the better the information the more informed the decisions, right? how is your information? is it accurate? is it timely? can you see the whole picture?

The pathway to success


For your business to be healthy it needs to be productive and profitable – efficient and effective.


To be that, you need to have visibility over your business’s performance at all critical levels


You also need control over the moving parts


Your business admin & systems are made up of systems, processes, controls, outputs people and software


Like it or not, your business admin and its components have a critical role to play in your business success


You need your business systems and its components to work for you so you can change and make better decisions


Because if you make the right decisions you can reach your success


This is what we do, we provide business administration systems solutions

How we help solve your problem



• Clarify expectations and define outcomes
• Understand your strategic direction
• Understand your business administration issues
• Interview stakeholders and gather feedback
• Map workflow, controls & processes
• Review people, outputs, controls and reporting
• Develop a set of recommendations



• Manage, maintain and improve solution
• Review implementation ongoing health checks
• Regular attendance & reporting at key meetings
• Mentoring & strategic consulting
• Provide ongoing assistance & product support
• Further innovation & development



• Create a strategy and roadmap
• Carry out risk assessment
• Understand and research options -current and future
• Define objectives and deliverables
• Alignment with strategic direction
• Solution blueprint and action plan



• Deliver Objective & solutions
• Create & implement policy & procedures
• Develop standards & accountabilities
• Define & create meaningful reporting
• Integration of systems information
• Project, task and change management

Areas of Expertise

There are over 5,000 accounting system solutions / erp products in the Australian market today….

How do you choose? What’s right for your business? Where do you go? Who do you trust? How will your systems work together? Who will coordinate delivery and strategy? Who will articulate what you want? Who will make sure you get it?

This is what we do – we align your software and processes to help achieve your business goals”

-Graeme Batt


Understanding and Analysis

Understand the state of play, the moving parts of your business admin & systems and what’s required, the gaps and how to fix them

Risk assessment & mitigation

Understand the risks and ensuring we manage them


Helping work out how to get from here to there.

Project & Change management

Managing the change, it’s a major issue.

Systems interpretation & innovation

Understanding what you need and designing appropriate solutions.

Product selection and Vendor management

Working through the sales pitch and ensuring you have the right tool for the job and keeping the vendors and suppliers accountable.


Systems remediation & optimization

Ensuring you get the best out of your system and that it’s giving you want you want.

Mentoring & training

Upskilling your team


 Ensuring you have complete visibility over your business

Software implementation

Software builds and roll out including consulting and training for best of breed products we know and trust.

Integration & development

Developing bespoke solutions and making your software talk.


Gaining efficiency through the application of mobile technology and solutions.

Software support

Providing the ongoing support and assistance you need, when you need it and helping you evolve.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Taking care of the day to day nuts and bolts.

Information delivery & interpretation

Some people use words like CIO and CFO, we like to keep things simple and plain. We can own the information supply chain as well as its delivery. including helping you keep your systems running and produce and interpret the information.

“Put two or more of these services together to create a scalable outsourced solution”


Perth, WA

Melbourne, VIC

Adelaide, SA

How are your business systems and admin? Take the business systems challenge, a 5 - 10-minute questionnaire aimed at helping you find out.