About us

The Admin Manager (TAM) is a small but dedicated team of management consultants who specialize in business systems and admin based in Perth, Melbourne & Adelaide with clients all over Australia.

What We Do

Director – Graeme Batt

We help develop solutions to your business systems and admin problems and help facilitate change. So you can have visibility and control. Put simply we help you and your business run better!


We help to optimise your processes and systems and help you put the pieces of the business administration puzzle together. We are not an IT company, we are not accountants, we are not system technicians, coaches, strategists or CFO’s – we are actually a little of all of them and we specialize in business administration, its systems, processes, controls, outputs and information.

For over 25 years we have lived and breathed optimizing business administration, processes and systems with the goal being to help you have visibility and control over all aspects of your business. Why? So you can make better business decisions that help set you up for business success.



Year in the business


Servicing businesses large and small across Australia.

Our promises

There will be no BS

We will juggle all the moving parts

We will own your project like it’s our own

We will be accountable when others are not

We will roll up our sleeves and get the job done

We will keep it simple

We know what to do and what not to do

We will help at any level

We will manage change


Perth, WA

Melbourne, VIC

Adelaide, SA

How are your business systems and admin? Take the business systems challenge, a 5 - 10-minute questionnaire aimed at helping you find out.